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The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

It’s hard to believe another week has gone by.  With the summer days being filled with the busiest time of year for rental properties, and the summer evenings being filled with Woodchuck’s baseball… finding a few minutes to blog is … Continue reading

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The Dr. Rent Show Turns 6 Years Old

That is right, 6 years on the air rambling to myself about landlord and tenant issues, who would have thought that six years later, I will still be finding new stuff to talk about every week?  Who would have thought … Continue reading

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Hey You Woodchucks, Stop Chucking My Wood!! (Here, chuck this baseball instead)

It is a good thing that I had a relaxing weekend. Saturday morning I spent catching up on some office work, but the rest of the weekend was spent out in my shed finishing up some woodworking projects. Sawdust and … Continue reading

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Questions, Concerts and Classes

What a stressful week it has been. The Chuck’s alone, based on previous posts, are trying to kill me. They could have clinched the playoff spot on Sunday, but decided to wait until the last game on Monday. They could … Continue reading

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My Disappointment with Woodchuck Playoff Ticket Policies

THE CHUCKS WIN!!! The Wisconsin Woodchucks put an exclamation point on the race to the play-off’s with a very convincing 6-0 win against the La Crosse Loggers on Monday. I missed the game because of a special meeting I was … Continue reading

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If You Want to Know What I Think… Just Ask Me

What a week!! Yes, I know I say that a lot… but this time I really mean it. It has been a busy week, but then they all are. But it has been educational and exciting as well. First let’s … Continue reading

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Pet Fines, 5-Days, and Late Night Meetings

Another week has gone by since my last blog post. I was hoping to do a blog post over this last weekend that summarized the 3 Housing Task Force hearings, but that didn’t happen. It has just been one of … Continue reading

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It's Getting Harder to Say No

It has been an interesting week with quite a bit going on. My 4th of July plans are coming together and the crew is pretty much confirmed for my fireworks show (I will be doing the show in Pell Lake, … Continue reading

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Wausau has a BIG, FAT "Woody" – Please send help!!

Okay… I will admit that I am not a big fan of change. Although it should be done a time or two just for fun, I normally see no reason to jump from a perfectly good airplane. It is no … Continue reading

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Have YOUR Voice Heard on Wausau's Housing Issues!!!!

As of 6:35 tonight, it is officially summer. For some, summer started with the Memorial Day weekend, for others, summer will start later this month based date and time of the solstice. But for me, summer starts in the 4th … Continue reading

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