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Done with the Crud, On with Winter Clauses and Sheriff Sales

What a difference a week makes. I missed last week’s Dr Rent Radio Show because of the “crud” that seems to be going around. I seldom get sick because of an abnormally high normal body temperature, and I think that … Continue reading

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Winter is Coming, But Can I Move?

Although my Eviction class was fairly small at UWMC last night (four people had signed up and paid for the class, but only three showed up), I think it went fairly well. The only two minor problems were that this … Continue reading

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Lead-Based Paint: Changing the Rules AGAIN

Most people are fairly happy about the 4-day work week this week. However, being the “glass half empty” guy that I tend to be, I am not one of them. This weekend, I actually did take the weekend off. Saturday … Continue reading

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