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A Fair Housing Summary and a List of Rights

What a week it has been.  Whatever that bug is that has been going around has struck my property manager, who has been out for most of the week.  I have been flying solo here in the office and I … Continue reading

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A Preview Into “Real Life”

As commonly happens when people have too much going on, I pulled an “oops”. I completely forgot about something I had scheduled for today, so instead of my normal Dr. Rent Show blog post entry, I will be doing what … Continue reading

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Finally Smarter than the Recording Software…

I am done, I am ready.  As the listener of the Dr. Rent Radio Show probably knows, I have missed three weeks of shows.  I am actually getting my real estate license (that’s right, I don’t actually have one right … Continue reading

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Back on the Air after a Week Off

My hopes that this week would be a little less stressful and full than the last two have had merit. Although there have still been some very long days, I am catching up on things instead of falling behind. I … Continue reading

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