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Free Political Speech in Wausau – Only If Properly Zoned

I received an interesting call from Wausau’s inspections department yesterday.  Apparantly, we are violating Wausau’s zoning codes and someone complained about this violation and now the City is following up. So.. what did we do?  Trash can out too early? … Continue reading

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And My Vote Goes To…

It is Election Day.  I am not going to say go out and vote.  I am going to say that if you have properly researched candidates so that you are comfortable in knowing the differences in those running for office … Continue reading

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Come to the Doctor for Rental Advice… NOT political predictions

I am not going to hold my breath for the press to call next election cycle… and will not be giving up my day job anytime soon… In the five races I made predictions in on Monday, I went 3 … Continue reading

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