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Finally Smarter than the Recording Software…

I am done, I am ready.  As the listener of the Dr. Rent Radio Show probably knows, I have missed three weeks of shows.  I am actually getting my real estate license (that’s right, I don’t actually have one right … Continue reading

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LIVE – In a City or on a Website Near You

Happy New Year everyone.  With the new year comes new opportunities to hear me ramble on about landlord-tenant stuff.  I will warn you right now, this entire blog post is going to be some shameless self-promotion. As you may or … Continue reading

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The Views and Opinions of this Post are Soley My Views (P.S. – No Radio Show)

I have a little bit of bad news for the fans of the Dr. Rent radio show. When you tune your radio to WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM at 5 PM tonight, it will not be my voice you hear. It will … Continue reading

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Carbon Monoxide – It's to Die For

Another eventful week is coming to a close. As we have been enjoying the Indian summer during the days, the evenings included things such as the Public Hearing for the 2010 Wausau City Budget on Tuesday, and last night was … Continue reading

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Lead-Based Paint: Changing the Rules AGAIN

Most people are fairly happy about the 4-day work week this week. However, being the “glass half empty” guy that I tend to be, I am not one of them. This weekend, I actually did take the weekend off. Saturday … Continue reading

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