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… the Wisdom to Know the Difference

Tonight at 7 PM the Wausau City Council will meet. They have a very short agenda, but one of those items is to formally approve the plan to convert the Federal Building into apartments, which will include a lease payment … Continue reading

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Federal Building Apartment Thoughts (Rob from the Poor – Give to the Middle Class)

On Tuesday, December 14th, 2010 the Wausau City Council as a whole officially took up the issue of accepting the proposal for the Federal Building submitted by Metro Plains. (Metro Plans is the same Minnesota developer that has been approved … Continue reading

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Turning a "Home" into a "House"

Have you ever had the feeling you have spread yourself too thin? I think I live my life not only burning the candle at both ends, but also lighting it in the middle just for fun. I recently posted how … Continue reading

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The Stream is Over (for Now)

It’s another Thursday and time for another installment of the Dr. Rent Radio show on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM. The show is on the air from 5 PM to 6 PM. For those of you who have been listening to the … Continue reading

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Low Income Housing Funds thrown at High End Rentals – I'm Mad, are You?

Let me start off by saying that I don’t know everything… and I don’t understand everything. I openly admit that… I start out with that statement because what I am about to write about … something just isn’t making sense … Continue reading

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