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The Wausau Daily Herald and Facebook

Even though I don’t post blog entries every day, I do venture onto my blog once or twice a day to check the statistics.  WordPress has awesome web tracking stats that can be broken down by day, week, month, year, … Continue reading

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My First Official WordPress Post

The new home of the Dr. Rent blog has been established. My official “forwarding address” is A little bit of blogging history.  When the WNRB radio station still called NTC home, our station manager at that time (Dino Corvino) … Continue reading

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Thumbs Up to Wausau PD, Down to Fed Bldg, and Dr. Rent got an Eviction Notice of his own…

It has been a good week for the Dr… I only was able to attend one Badger game this year, but it was a good one. I took my sister, my nephew, and a good friend down to Camp Randall … Continue reading

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Thoughts on WDH Editorial Board Service

As of last week, my term as a reader member of the Wausau Daily Herald Editorial Board came to an end. I would first like to thank them for inviting me to the party. If you have followed my online … Continue reading

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Getting Girls – The Army Way

In the Wausau Daily Herald forum boards under Lifestyle, there has been a thread going trading some military stories. So far, a lot of them are mine but I am sure it is only a matter of time before a … Continue reading

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Weston's $28 for Nothing

Citizen Wausau readers get the exclusive on this one. Because the Wausau Daily Herald has hosted by blog for so long and they give it special mention I will post entries there first (it is on the blog list front … Continue reading

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BID's and Tigers and Posters – OH MY!

It is definitely going to be an exciting day on Thursday. The day starts with a city meeting. I believe the Business Improvement District board meets at 8 AM. I say I believe that is when they meet because the … Continue reading

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