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Since When is it MY Job to Ensure my Tenants Have a Healthy Lifestyle?

If it seems like forever since you saw a blog post here, well I can assure you it has felt like forever.  I have gone through some changes, professionally and personally, that has got me to spend less time on … Continue reading

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Fine the Landlord? Or… Fine the Tenant?

Can you tell it is the first week of the month? Last week I did three blog entries in a row in three days… and now we have gone a week since the last one. In addition to normal month … Continue reading

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Weston – Lowering the Bar :(

What happened to Weston? Weston was the example for other municipal governments to follow. They did a pretty good job of managing the Village like a well-run business, with a focus on serving their taxpayers. With almost every decision that … Continue reading

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