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What's Worse, Lead-Based Paint or Old Carpet?

After a one week break from the radio show (because I had a speaking engagement that conflicted with the show), I will be back on the air tonight, Thursday, at 5 PM on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM on your radio dial … Continue reading

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Pulling a "Vandelay Industries"

It’s Thursday! Thursday of course means three things to the good Dr. It means that I had to remember to take the garbage out before leaving the house this morning. It means it is bill day at work (but then … Continue reading

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I've Been Everywhere, man…

My tour around the state as the president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association continued last night as my popular “Top Ten” class that I have covered on this blog and on my radio show was presented in Green Bay. A … Continue reading

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Do Any Candidates Want to Come and Play on the Radio?

It’s Thursday again and it’s going to be a busy one. Monday and Thursday’s are normally bill days… however with property taxes due, today is the day I will need to get those checks all run and verified in addition … Continue reading

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Lead-Based Paint: Changing the Rules AGAIN

Most people are fairly happy about the 4-day work week this week. However, being the “glass half empty” guy that I tend to be, I am not one of them. This weekend, I actually did take the weekend off. Saturday … Continue reading

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All You Wanted to Know About Lead (part 2)

On the July 16th installment of the Dr Rent Radio Show, we discussed how lead is a hazard in your homes. The biggest thing most of hear about is lead-based paint. But that is only one possible source of lead. … Continue reading

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All you wanted to know about lead (part 1)

The main show topic on the July 16th Dr Rent Radio show was dedicated to general information on lead and lead based paint (LBP). There are new federal rules when it comes to maintaining properties that may contain LBP that … Continue reading

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