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Initial Thoughts on Licensing Wausau Landlords

If you have read this Sunday’s Wausau Daily Herald or watched the news last night on Channel 9, you are aware that the City of Wausau, yet again, is starting to make some noise about licensing rental properties. The Wausau … Continue reading

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I Got a 5-Day Notice, How Long Do I Have to Move?

So far so good in surviving my busiest week of the year. There have been some highs and some lows, but so far everything is falling into place. My trailer is loaded with all of my fireworks equipment, I am … Continue reading

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The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

It’s hard to believe another week has gone by.  With the summer days being filled with the busiest time of year for rental properties, and the summer evenings being filled with Woodchuck’s baseball… finding a few minutes to blog is … Continue reading

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Two Weeks Worth of Answers

I have had three different people run into me and indicate their disappointment that my blog entries have not been as frequent as they used to be. I do apologize for that. Between year end tax preparation, frequent snowfalls, and … Continue reading

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How to Collect, How Not to…. When to Evict, When Not to…

The Dr. Rent Radio Show preview blog post is a little late this morning because I attended a class to start out the day.  The seminar was put on by a local attorney, Sarah Ruffi, and covered some of the … Continue reading

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The Property from the Sheriff… Or the Paper from the Bank??

Well, 3 days – 3 blog posts, can you tell it has been a relatively calm week? There was no radio show last week because of the Thanksgiving holiday, but I will be back on the air this evening at … Continue reading

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Done with the Crud, On with Winter Clauses and Sheriff Sales

What a difference a week makes. I missed last week’s Dr Rent Radio Show because of the “crud” that seems to be going around. I seldom get sick because of an abnormally high normal body temperature, and I think that … Continue reading

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The Foreclosure Process, Abridged

So…did anybody miss the political ads on TV or radio? I know that I didn’t, not at all, not one little bit. Now we get to sit back and enjoy all the Christmas ads which have already started before the … Continue reading

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Knowing the Terms Used When Dealing with Distressed Properties

Happy Thursday everyone. Assuming the wind hasn’t blown over our small transmitter at the top of Mosinee Hill, I will be back on the air this evening with another edition of the Dr. Rent Radio Show, which is heard on … Continue reading

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Back on the Air after a Week Off

My hopes that this week would be a little less stressful and full than the last two have had merit. Although there have still been some very long days, I am catching up on things instead of falling behind. I … Continue reading

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