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More GREAT Customer Service (P.S. I’m NOT Running for Mayor)

First and foremost I need to make this “official” announcement.  Since Mayor Tipple has said he is interested in running for term number three, I have had no less than four people ask me if I am going to throw … Continue reading

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Grillin’ Mad at Menards

Every now and then my blog drifts away from real estate and towards customer service.  And, I am not just a “nittering neighbob of negativity.”  I have blogged about some really great customer service I have received as well as … Continue reading

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Scott at Delta Airlines, AVIS at OKC Airport, and CWC in Stratford – THE RIGHT STUFF!!

Although the last week has been a busy one with almost more time pushing snow around than not (a few hours this morning was spent making it go away instead of relaxing ride on the trails), there were a few … Continue reading

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Local Customer Service: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

In the last week, I have had two issues come up and since Mrs. Rent had a little more time than I did, she handled them for me. In one, the end result is an example of what customer service … Continue reading

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