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Initial Thoughts on Licensing Wausau Landlords

If you have read this Sunday’s Wausau Daily Herald or watched the news last night on Channel 9, you are aware that the City of Wausau, yet again, is starting to make some noise about licensing rental properties. The Wausau … Continue reading

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Since When is it MY Job to Ensure my Tenants Have a Healthy Lifestyle?

If it seems like forever since you saw a blog post here, well I can assure you it has felt like forever.  I have gone through some changes, professionally and personally, that has got me to spend less time on … Continue reading

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If you Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em

I have been doing this landlord thing since May 1993. Since that time, there is something that I have been against… no… STRONGLY against. Rent concessions. I have always been of the belief that offering new move-in incentives like a … Continue reading

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