More GREAT Customer Service (P.S. I’m NOT Running for Mayor)

First and foremost I need to make this “official” announcement.  Since Mayor Tipple has said he is interested in running for term number three, I have had no less than four people ask me if I am going to throw my hat into the Wausau mayoral race (and two of those inquiries have offered to help collect signatures).  Now, it is true that I am at a point in my life where I am reconsidering if real estate is what I want to do with the rest of my life.  It is also true that I am being considered for jobs outside of real estate.  However, I am making it hereby official that I will NOT be a candidate to beWausau’s next mayor.


The reason for this is very simple.  There are not many requirements to beWausau’s mayor.  However, of those very few requirements, I am missing one.  One of the requirements is that the mayor ofWausauactually be a resident ofWausau.  That seems to make sense.  However, last time I checked, the blue fire number plate by my driveway says “Town ofWausau” on it.  Alas, not aWausauresident, not eligible to run.  But, thank you still for the support.


I stated in my last blog post that I was doing a class inMilwaukeeon Wednesday.  It was one of my more popular classes and it is probably the largest audience that I have had in recent memory.  The room was full, standing room only in fact.  They told me that 65-75 handouts would be more than enough.  I brought more than 100, and had at least 15 people ask me if I had more because they didn’t get one.  Holy Crap.


It is a good thing that I was floating on a high from that great experience, because the rest of the day went downhill fast.  My car (I took the Vette) died on the drive home.


I will say this though, for having a bad thing happen to me, it happened in such a way that everything else worked in my favor that this bad situation could have been much worse.


The first stroke of good luck in this bad situation was the car died early into the trip back.  It is 8 miles from where I was giving my presentation to I-894.  It was about 6 miles down this road where the car started acting funny, revving up and revving down.  I was in a construction zone.  As soon as I cleared the construction, I saw a gas station and pulled in.  I turned the car off and turned it back on.  It would run fine for about 30 seconds then rev up and rev down, then the oil pressure warning light would come on and the engine would die.


This is where many people would start to stress out, but there is something about stressful situations that just call to me.  I am one of those people who, when the sh__ hits the fan, I am able to stay calm, evaluate the situation and react.  During my July 4th incident, I was the calmest person there.


I was inMilwaukee, and I have blogged before that I am a member of the Wisconsin Corvette Club, which is also based out of theMilwaukeearea.  Our club does a lot of fund raisers for various charities and one of the biggest ones is a car show we do hosted by Holz Chevrolet.  Also, as part of our meetings, we have “Corvette Stories” and often those stories involve members with breakdowns and what Holz was able to do to save the day.


It was about 6:15 PM, my only hope was that someone was still at the dealership.  I googled Holz Chevrolet Milwaukee on my Blackberry and quickly discovered that this bad situation was getting better by the second.  Not only did I now have the phone number of their service department, their service department was open until 9 PM.  I called them, explained the problem, and they helped set me up with a towing service to get the car to their dealership, just 10 minutes away from where I broke down.


There was a little bit of bad news.  They would not be able to look at it that night, and they were booked solid for Thursday as well.  Friday would be the first chance they could look at it.  That was not the end of the world.  I had a friend who would be able to drive me all the way home toWausauif I wanted.  But after learning that we were only a few minutes away fromMitchellAirport, had my friend take me there instead.  Avis helped me earlier this year when I was trapped inOklahoma Citywhen my flight was cancelled because of a blizzard.  They were able to hook me up with a Jeep Wrangler to try to drive home in it instead.


Avis did their magic again.  Instead of getting a one-way rental, I figured it would be best to get a 1 week rental.  Afterall, not only do I have to get home toWausau, I am going to have to get back down toMilwaukeeto pick up the car after they fix it.  Reggie at Avis rocked.  I told him I am not a fan of small cars and he was going to hook me up with a Dodge Avenger at the same rate as a compact.  However, just as he was finishing it, his computer system crashed.  So, he had to enter all the information again.  He felt bad that I had to wait 5 minutes longer, so he did another upgrade in the system and I am now rocking a black Dodge Charger.


Thursday evening I got a call from Holz.  They found time to get my car in and discovered the problem was a bad ground wire in a wire harness.  This ground was shorting out on the wire that went to the oil pressure sensor.  So, although the oil pressure was fine, the car thought that I lost oil pressure and the computer would shut down the engine to prevent further damage.  The new wiring harness was actually not an expensive part, the only bad thing is that they needed to take the entire top half of the engine apart to replace it.  Still, with all that labor, it was going to be under $1,000 to fix it.


I got the call Friday evening that the car was done.  They are open Monday until 9 PM, so I will be returning my Charger to the airport and heading over to Holz to pick up the Vette.


So… Avis is now 2 for 2 in coming through when I needed them and going above and beyond.  And… Holz Chevrolet inMilwaukeehas lived up to everything good thing I have heard about them.  The both have the Dr. Rent Seal of Approval!

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Wausau, Wisconsin Landlord, past president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, Host of the Dr Rent Radio Show on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM, Wausau, WI
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