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As you may have read, there is a little bit of uncertainty in my professional life.  As such, I have really backed off this year on my public speaking engagements.  However, there are a handful classes that I set up way back when there was still snow on the ground, so just in case you do want to catch Dr. Rent live and in person, here is my upcoming schedule.


Later this morning I am on the road to Milwaukeewhere I am one of the speakers at the Apartment Association of Southeast Wisconsin (AASEW)’s annual 1-day conference and trade show.  At 3 PM this afternoon, I am giving my “Top Ten Pitfalls to Avoid” seminar.  For more information on this day of great information, or on the AASEW itself, you can go to their website at www.apartmentassoc.org.


This class is far and away my most requested presentation.  My good friend Attorney Andrew Schmidt here inWausauplanted the seed for this class.  As part of his classes, he has fun and interesting sub-topics, like “when bad things happen to good people.”  Under this topic, he would cover things bad tenants do to good landlords, things bad landlords do to good tenants, and things that good landlords do to themselves.  That last item was the foundation of my presentation.  In my experience, what are some of the most common things that good landlords do to themselves to cause themselves headaches?  I came up with a list of 7 or 8 items.  I then talked with Attorney Schmidt who gave me another list of 5-6 items.  Between our two lists, this Top Ten class was formed.


For localWausauarea readers and fans of Dr. Rent, my classes with the UW Continuing Education program at UWMC here inWausauare also starting up again.


On Wednesday, October 5th, I am presenting “5 Most-Asked Landlord Questions”.  In the years that I have been “Dr. Rent,” and in the years that I have just been giving landlord’s advice before that, it seems like some questions keep coming up again and again and again.  For example, what is a landlord supposed to do with the stuff tenant’s leave behind?  I have taken the five questions that I get the most often (including that last one) and answer them.


On Wednesday, October 12th, I will present my “Step-by-Step Guide to Evictions.”  This class pretty much lives up to its name.  It starts with determining if you have grounds for an eviction action, and then proceeds to which notice to give, how to give that notice and continues on withMarathonCounty’s court procedure.  We cover how to fill out the summons and complaint, what other forms are needed, how service is done, what happens at the initial appearance, and the pros and cons of splitting the eviction trial and the trial for money damages into two parts.  We cover items landlords will need to prove their case, and we cover the things that landlords fail to do most often that can result in their case getting dismissed.


Over the following four weeks, Wednesday October 19th through Wednesday November 9th, I will be presenting what I personally feel is my best educational offering:  “Landlord / Tenant Law inWisconsin.”  The first two nights we go through statute 704 in great detail.  Week 3 is focused on ATCP 134.  And finally, week 4 touches on many of the federal laws that cover rental housing including fair housing, discrimination, lead-based paint, CO detectors and other topics.  I have had tenants attend this series of classes as well as landlords and they can learn just as much from it in protecting their rights as landlords do.


These classes are offered through the UW system and there is a small cost for them.  For more information or to sign up for these classes, you can contact the UW Continuing Education office at 715-261-6294, or online at www.uwmc.edu/continuing_education.  We do need at least four participants in class to proceed.  The classes were going to start this evening already upon my return from Milwaukee, but only 3 were signed up for the Wausau version of my Top Ten class.


Finally, I will again be a presenter at the Wisconsin Apartment Association’s annual conference and trade show.  This year it is being held in Wisconsin Dells October 14th through the 16th.  My three classes are going to be on Saturday afternoon.  I am presenting my “5 Most Asked Questions” class at 1:30 and my “Top Ten” class at 2:30.  My final offering at 3:30 is going to be a newer class of mine titled “Landlords and Tenants Rights (& Wrongs).”


“Rights & Wrongs” is a class I originally wrote for the Merrill Housing Fair but because of lack of attendance, never got to be presented there.  However, I have presented it to a couple of apartment associations and it has been very well-received.  We were anticipating that tenants would be more likely to attend this housing fair than landlords, so I wrote this class not as a landlord class, but as a tenant class.  It outlines some of the more important rights that tenants have that many tenants don’t realize they have.  It also addresses some rights that landlords have.  Although focused on tenant education, I thought this would be a great class to present to landlords so they can see what I am teaching to “the other side.”  I also thought this would be a great class to present at the WAA conference, because they have also invited theTenantResourceCenterinMadisonto participate and offer some classes, so this ties in well with that.


For more information on the Wisconsin Apartment Association or their annual trade show in October, you can check them out online at www.waaonline.org.


Well… I suppose I should get the car loaded up for my trip toMilwaukee… hope to see you soon at one of these educational offerings.

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Wausau, Wisconsin Landlord, past president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, Host of the Dr Rent Radio Show on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM, Wausau, WI
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