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I have always called this coming week (late June/early July) the busiest week of the year.  The reason why is that my month-end landlord-tenant stuff gets mixed with one of my hobbies of pyrotechnics.  This year, it looks like we only have two June 30th move outs, which is something I am very happy about.  The months of May, June, July and August are historically my largest turnover months, with 8-12 units coming vacant per month, on average.  However, I must be doing something right because in addition to picking up 2-3 new leases per week for the last few months, I only had 4 May move outs, two June move outs, and as of right now, only one July move out is on the board (although tenants do technically have until July 3rd to tell me if they are going to be a July 31st move out).


Let us take a look at what the rest of my week looks like.


Monday – I need to get a haircut some time today.  Also, Monday and Thursday are my normal bill days.  There is also a Woodchucks game tonight.


Tuesday – After work at 5 PM, there is a West Side Planning meeting.  I will need to leave that a little bit early because at 7 PM, the Wausau Area Apartment Association has asked me to be a speaker at their meeting, where I am presenting my “Top Ten” class.  That means, at some point during the day, I will need to get all of my stuff together for that.  I need to also schedule a time to drive to Green Bayto pick up the fireworks for my 4th of July show.  I might make that trip either Tuesday morning, or Wednesday afternoon.  Also, some time Monday or Tuesday I need to do some homework for my Wednesday Housing Task Force meeting.  I have about a half a dozen Chronic Nuisance ordinances from all over the state, and I need to print them out and put them together for the rest of the task force.


Wednesday – Over the lunch hour is the next meeting of the Wausau Housing Task Force.  During our last meeting, we looked at the pros and cons of establishing a rental unit licensing program.  I assume we will continue that discussion and also look at accomplishing blight remediation through other tools, such as a stronger Nuisance Ordinance, which is why I worked with my contacts through the Wisconsin Apartment Association and the Apartment Association of Southeast Wisconsin to get copies of the ordinances from Menasha, Oshkosh, Janesville and Milwaukee, as well as the Weston one that I helped to create.


Thursday – I am hoping that between the Tuesday WAAA meeting, and the Wednesday Housing Task Force meeting, that I will have enough new landlord-tenant material to fill a Dr. Rent Radio Show program.  This will probably be pre-recorded Wednesday evening, so that I can just go to the station and hit PLAY at 5 PM.  From there, it will be off toKennedyParkin Weston, as Weston’s village government is doing neighborhood meetings again, and theKennedyParkarea is having their meeting at 6 PM.  I try to attend as many of these as I can, and this is something that I think that other municipalities should consider doing from time to time.  Weston tends to know what their taxpayers want because… well… they ask them.  (What a concept.)


Friday – Fridays are a busy day to begin with, but with our rents being due on July 1st, and being late if not paid by July 5th, I expect both the 1st and the 5th to be very busy days.  Although we give our tenants many options for rent payment, including mailing it and even paying online, easily a third of our tenants will prefer to come in to the office and pay their rent in person.  As most people tend to get paid at the end of the week, I expect July 1st to be a very busy day for rent payments.  And, just to add a level of interest to the entire operation, my property manager has requested this day off, and I have approved it.  So, Friday will be spent without adult supervision.  I did find some help in covering the office a few times during the day as needed.  I don’t like having large amounts of cash in the office, so I plan on making 3-4 bank runs throughout the day, so there will never be more than a couple of hundred dollars here at any single point in time.


Saturday – If the forecast that I saw this morning holds true, I plan on being on the road toMadisonby 8:00 AM with the boat in tow.  I have missed the Madison Rhythm and Booms fireworks show for the past two years, but hopefully this year works out.  We watch it from the water, along with about 10,000 other boats.  Those 10,000 boats are the reason for getting down there so early.  If I want to launch the boat fromLakeMendota, I need to be on the ramps by 10:30 or so.  If I get there too late, there will be no place to (legally) park.  There will room onLakeMononato land, but that means that after the fireworks show, I will be heading toward the locks along with about half of the boats there.  I used to do that when I lived inMadison, but I have found it is a lot less stressful to be one of about 200 boats trying to use one 8-lane boat landing than being one of 3,000 boats getting into the locks that can only take 6-8 boats at a time.  If all goes well, I would be back inWausauby 3 AM.


Sunday – I will need to have a quick recovery from my trip back fromMadison, because I am helping out with the Shawano fireworks show.  For a while, because of budget issues, it was looking like my normal show was not going to happen, but to get my sulfur fix, I agreed to help out with the Shawano show.  This is my first time helping on this show, and this is a brand new crew being put together.  This will be my first time on a show as a worker-bee instead of the primary operator for a number of years.  I need to be to theShawanoAirportby 4 PM to start with the set up.  If all goes well, I expect to be home by 1 AM.


Monday – Although it looked like my annual fireworks show inPell Lake,WIwas going to be a victim of municipal budget cuts this year, a sponsor stepped forward and the show is back on. PellLakeis just south ofLake Geneva, a drive that takes over four hours fully loaded with shells and equipment and other gear.  We will leaveWausauaround noon getting toPellLakebetween 4:30 and 5 PM.  We will start set up at around 5, and are normally ready to go by 8:30.  The show starts at 9 PM and is a 35-40 minute show.  We can normally be completely tore down by 11 and I again should be back in town by 3 AM.


On Tuesday morning, it is back in the office for another busy day, but at least this time my property manager will be back, so I will able to do my checks outs of those two units that were coming vacant the previous Thursday.


In addition, at some time during the week, I need to get the boat ready to take down toMadison, including flushing out all of the antifreeze from the plumbing system.  I also need to load all of my fireworks gear onto my trailer and sort through my fireworks equipment to see what I might need to replace.  The boat thing is probably about 2 hours of work, and 3-4 hours will need to be spent on fireworks prep.  Both of these things I hope to get done before that really hot and sticky stretch the forecasters are calling for by the end of the week.  Also, to relieve some stress, I went down to the Marathon County gun range on KK over this last weekend and sent about 300 rounds down range.  But, that also means I have 2 rifles and 3 handguns that need a good cleaning, and that best be done sooner rather than later.


There is my week.  With any luck, things will return back to normal by Tuesday, July 6th.


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Wausau, Wisconsin Landlord, past president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, Host of the Dr Rent Radio Show on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM, Wausau, WI
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