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I Want My Money Back!!!!

Things are getting back to normal in Dr. Rent’s little world.  After an April that just started off horrendous, routine is quickly returning.  Tonight’s episode of the Dr. Rent Radio Show is “in the can” and ready to be broadcast … Continue reading

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Adventures in Sweeping (or.. Is April Over Yet?)

May… what joyous things May will bring.  Actually, I don’t know if May will bring anything joyous at all… but May will NOT be April, and for me right now, that is enough. If you have been following along on … Continue reading

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I am completely and totally ready for April to be over.  I want to feel better.  I want to get yard work done.  I want to be outside without a winter coat.  I want to be outside without a snow … Continue reading

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A Fair Housing Summary and a List of Rights

What a week it has been.  Whatever that bug is that has been going around has struck my property manager, who has been out for most of the week.  I have been flying solo here in the office and I … Continue reading

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A Preview Into “Real Life”

As commonly happens when people have too much going on, I pulled an “oops”. I completely forgot about something I had scheduled for today, so instead of my normal Dr. Rent Show blog post entry, I will be doing what … Continue reading

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And My Vote Goes To…

It is Election Day.  I am not going to say go out and vote.  I am going to say that if you have properly researched candidates so that you are comfortable in knowing the differences in those running for office … Continue reading

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Starting an East Side Neighborhood Group

After a very stressful end of the week, the weekend helped regain some of my sanity.  On Saturday, for the first time ever, I used my workshop that I have been building for the past few years as a real … Continue reading

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