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And on Tonight’s Show…

Normally on Thursday morning, I post a nice long post about what we covered on last week’s Dr. Rent Radio Show and will give you a quick preview of tonight’s show topics. However, for the last couple of days my … Continue reading

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Collection Fees vs Attorney’s Fees

So… am I the only one who thinks that Mother Nature played a very evil joke on us all with a nice stretch of days in the 50’s and then waiting for the official arrival of spring to hammer us … Continue reading

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What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been…

What a long, strange trip it’s been….. Yes, a Grateful Dead reference on the Dr Rent blog. And how true of a statement. It has been quite the trip. However, my life is slowly starting to return to normal. Tax … Continue reading

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Who Should the City Fine???

Another week has come and gone and time for another installment of the Dr. Rent Radio Show.  This is the second week of pre-recorded shows and I am starting to get used to the process.  It took me nearly 3 … Continue reading

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60 Days – Is it really 60 Days?

It is Thursday and time to try something completely new and different.  I am back on the air after a three week absence.  However, as I mentioned earlier this week, this radio show will not be “Live.”  Instead, the Dr. … Continue reading

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It is sooooo NOT Hip to be “Square”

I like making friendly wagers.  Although most people call the grassy knoll downtown “The 400 Block”, I KNEW our city leaders could never accept that as an official name.  I had even bet a friend of mine a 6-pack of … Continue reading

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Finally Smarter than the Recording Software…

I am done, I am ready.  As the listener of the Dr. Rent Radio Show probably knows, I have missed three weeks of shows.  I am actually getting my real estate license (that’s right, I don’t actually have one right … Continue reading

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Who Knew??

Another week… where has it gone? Of course the weekend was spent catching up on work that I missed because of my little jaunt down to Oklahoma City.  Also, part of the weekend was spent in snow removal.  In addition … Continue reading

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