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Learning to Trust Meteorologists

Little bit of bad news for the fans of the Dr. Rent Radio show, but I am going to have to cancel the program for this evening.  My lack of trust has kind of bitten me in the back side. … Continue reading

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… the Wisdom to Know the Difference

Tonight at 7 PM the Wausau City Council will meet. They have a very short agenda, but one of those items is to formally approve the plan to convert the Federal Building into apartments, which will include a lease payment … Continue reading

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How to Collect, How Not to…. When to Evict, When Not to…

The Dr. Rent Radio Show preview blog post is a little late this morning because I attended a class to start out the day.  The seminar was put on by a local attorney, Sarah Ruffi, and covered some of the … Continue reading

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A Square or a Block or a Center by Any Other Name…

It is the busiest time of the year, there is always something going on.  I have to get the accounting records for a half dozen different corporate entities ready for the tax accountant.  I have to get W-2’s and W-3’s … Continue reading

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All You Ever Wanted to Know about Rent Certificates

I know, I know… I have fallen behind on my blogging duties.  This is a very “nuts” time of the year.  January through March is TAX TIME.  This week, I did get the financial statements done for some of our … Continue reading

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A Taxing Time for Tenants

I know, I know… normally my Dr. Rent Show preview blog is up much earlier than this. What can I say, we got about an inch of snow or so, just enough that I needed to go out and take … Continue reading

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LIVE – In a City or on a Website Near You

Happy New Year everyone.  With the new year comes new opportunities to hear me ramble on about landlord-tenant stuff.  I will warn you right now, this entire blog post is going to be some shameless self-promotion. As you may or … Continue reading

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