My First Official WordPress Post

The new home of the Dr. Rent blog has been established.

My official “forwarding address” is

A little bit of blogging history.  When the WNRB radio station still called NTC home, our station manager at that time (Dino Corvino) thought it would be a good idea for show hosts to all have blogs, and then use those blogs to help promote the radio shows.  We were streaming on the internet and this made perfect sense.  I had established a Dr Rent profile page on Yahoo 360 and set up a blog.  My blog then was quite simple, Wednesday mornings I would do a very quick post about what my topics on that evening’s show were going to be (the show has since moved to Thursdays).

NTC turned off the switch to the station, reportedly to save money.  After much work, the station came back to life under the ownership of the Wausau Area Hmong Mutual Association, where it has been ever since.

Again, there was talk of radio show hosts establishing blogs to promote themselves, their shows, and of course the radio station.  About this same time, the Wausau Daily Herald’s online format was allowing people to set up their own blogs.  And thus the Dr Rent Blog was reborn as “A Landlord’s Life” on

The blog is still alive and well on that website, just recently hitting the 300 mark in the recommended category, higher than any other Wausau Daily Herald blog that I am aware of.

The blog was quickly gaining popularity, thanks in part to the Daily Herald featuring “Best of the Blogs” in their paper which featured my blog more often that it did not; and also thanks in part to an oversight that when they changed over to their new format, my blog was listed in their “featured” section along with the blogs of their staff.

That friend who had in a previous life managed the radio station at NTC had since become co-founder of a community based blog called Citizen Wausau.  This was not Wausau’s first community style blog, that belongs to Bill Cody who established the WausauBlog, which became known during the construction of the Dudley Building downtown for its Friday Dudley building pictures that would grace the website every week, chronicling the building’s construction.  Keeping up a blog is hard work, especially when the focus of the blog is a community.  Therefore, a group of community guest writers were invited in.  The list of WausauBlog authors included people like Jim Rosenberg, Phyillis Christiansen (spelling?) of the Wausau Library, and of course me.

The WausauBlog eventually fizzled out, and Citizen Wausau came along a bit later to try to, among other things, pick up where they left off.

I was asked many many times to move my blog from the Wausau Daily Herald website over to the Citizen Wausau website.  I was nervous about such a move because the Herald had been good to me, giving my blog some pretty top billing and referring it at something that should be read at least 8 times to my memory in their printed version.  I came up with a compromise: I would (for lack of a better word) “syndicate” the Dr Rent blog over at Citizen Wausau.  I was given my own URL ( and “The Dr Rent Chronicles” was born.  Most of my blog posts were printed on both websites.  The posts were verbatim the same, though I did do my best to use different post titles.  To keep things interesting, about 2-3 times a month I would post something at CW that would not show up on the WDH site, and I would also post something at WDH that did not show up at CW.

A few months into this, my blog at Wausau Daily Herald came under attack.  Blog posts started coming up missing.  Not “report abuse” missing, but GONE… like someone went on to the website and actually deleted them like they didn’t appear.  Every blog post I did would disappear, and then it would appear that I would be “punished” by having an old one taken down as well.  This went on for over a month.  The IT staff at the Daily Herald did what they could, but could not figure out how this was happening.  Eventually, the blog attacks expanded.  Some of my favorite blogs started to disappear, including blogs from “Mrs Mik”, Chef Ann, and even Brian Otten had a blog post or two vanish (Brian was the one working of solving my blog issues).

I thought about giving up the WDH site completely and blog only over at Citizen Wausau, but many of my WDH readers convinced me that to do that, would be to admit defeat, and that the cyber-attackers would have won.  They asked me to keep blogging… and so I did.  But from then on, all blog posts were posted both at WDH and CW.

A few months ago, Citizen Wausau made the announcement that they were closing down the blog portion of their website as a failed experiment.  Basically, you had a couple of people with personal blogs, and a lot of spam.  Some of the Citizen Wausau readers were worried about the spam being the reason for the change to the blog hosting, but Andy Laub of Citizen Wausau clarified in one of his comments:  “That’s the thing: it’s not that “some of you can’t play nice”; it’s that the field is basically abandoned save for a couple players and a bunch of litter”

And so it was that Dr Rent received his own eviction notice of sorts.

However, much like a landlord who gives the tenant notice not because the tenant was bad, but because the landlord has other plans with the property, Andy and the fine folks at Citizen Wausau have been helping me to get the Dr. Rent blog moved to a new home.  That move was completed over the weekend.

There were issues in moving the blog from the CitizenWausau site to the WordPress site, but the fine folks at WordPress were extremely helpful and as of this morning, I received an email from them that my blog was alive and well.

Again, my new address over there is

I will continue to do my blog posts on the Daily Herald for as long as they allow me.  I will also continue to post at Citizen Wausau for as long as their blog post function is up and running, but in each blog post I will remind readers that my tenure there is very short.

So… as an era ends, a new era begins.

Although my personal blog is leaving the confines of Citizen Wausau, it is still my intent from time to time to write things for their front page.

Again, I would like to thank Dino, Andy and the folks at CW for being the home of Dr Rent for the last few years.  But, all good things must come to an end.  And to the folks at WordPress, I would like to thank you for being the new home of Dr Rent, and would like to thank you with how the relationship started, with all of the help you provided to ensure that this blog would not be starting from scratch.  I know that I generate traffic at WDH, I know that I also helped generate traffic at CW… and fully expect that will continue.


About drrent

Wausau, Wisconsin Landlord, past president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, Host of the Dr Rent Radio Show on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM, Wausau, WI
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3 Responses to My First Official WordPress Post

  1. Paul Henning says:

    Good Luck here at your new location! I really enjoy your information and views on City politics and I think this is a covenient place to find it. So far, it appears very user friendly and the fruit tree in spring blossom warmed me a degree or two right away. I’ll look for good things to come. Rock on!
    Happy New Year, P.H.

  2. Paul Henning says:

    Change that covenient to convenient, please. You can fix any other mistakes you may find. I trust ya. Hey, can you spell check when you write in these thingys? If so, how?

  3. drrent says:

    spell check is over-rated.

    The picture at the top is like a default thing… I haven’t spent any time customizing the site yet, didn’t pay to get it too much to my liking until we were 100% sure the blog could be moved. There were some issues that both Andy at CW and the tech support staff here had to work out… but they got ‘er done.

    So the boxes were moved to the new digs and unpacked, but still have some interior decorating to do.

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