Another Cold – Another Show – Another Day – Another Way

What a week it has been. On Saturday, Mrs. Rent went out to Oklahoma for a few days putting me in charge of the house. On Monday, I got hammered with something I am still trying to recover from. At 1:30 PM I was fine, by 2:00 I was feeling awful, by 4:00, I left work early, and by 7:00, I had thrown up so often I couldn’t even speak. I was starting to slowly recover by Tuesday when she returned back. Still 4 cats and 1 large dog with a personality disorder all present and accounted for, so I did an adequate job of house management. Tuesday was also a meeting at city hall that I really wanted to attend. Wednesday was spent back in the office, of course missing some time sick in the busy time of the month means I am back to being behind again. Last night was kind of interesting though… in going to the book store in the search of potential X-mas presents, I noticed that Tom Clancy has a new book out. I grabbed a copy the second I walked in the door of the store and carried it around for the next hour or so like a little treasure.

I ended up finding nothing was jumping out at me for presents. I also noticed that they didn’t have any calendars I liked (at home I like either a Corvette or St. Bernard wall calendar, and for my desk at home, I like a Dilbert daily calendar and for my desk at work I like a Get Fuzzy daily calendar). However, afterwards we did decide to try out the new Olive Garden. What can I say as far as a review… If you have been to an Olive Garden, in Appleton or Madison or anywhere for that matter… it was pretty much like that. We got there at about 9 PM, and it was staffed pretty heavy I thought. The only complaint was the temperature… they seriously need to turn the heat up.

So, now it is Thursday… time to do this blog post, process bills (that is a Monday-Thursday task for me), and finish the day with a radio show at WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM. Of course, it looks like my schedule for tomorrow has already been determined and snow removal may be in my near future.. which sucks a little bit because I am still not completely over whatever it was that kicked the crap out of me Monday and Tuesday.

Because I am behind… this blog post will not have last week’s show summary… but I promise to do a blog post over the weekend that will cover that. However, I will let you know what I plan to cover on tonight’s program starting at 5 PM.

We start off with questions.. the first one is what a Right of First Refusal is, how they work, and if they are good or bad.

Next was a call from a tenant who was told by a bank that they were taking over the rental property and the tenant had 10 days to vacate… can the bank do that?

We have talked a lot about holdovers and automatic renewals the last couple of weeks, however that entire discussion focused on residential leases. The rules regarding holdovers and automatically renewals are completely different for commercial leases, so we will talk about those differences.

Finally, a great holiday question – can your Landlord get you an eviction notice for Christmas? Or.. are there restrictions on evictions during the winter months, or specifically around the holidays?

My main topic for the show will be something already blogged about… for those that only listen to the show and not read the blog (let’s not kid ourselves… who actually listens to the show??) we will talk about the Landlord and the Couch.

If time is left, I will start to share my thoughts on the proposal to change the Federal Building into apartments. I will address the city council on this next Tuesday, but normally I am only allowed 3 minutes. However, this time I don’t know that I can get my thoughts whittled down that far… and I hope the Mayor allows me to run over a few minutes.. maybe I have banked some time when allowed 3 minutes but only took 1 or 2.

Again, sorry about not summarizing last weeks show with this blog post, but that will get done soon. Also, if you read this blog at CitizenWausau, I have gotten my eviction notice … but they have promised to help me relocate to a new home…. So the location of the CW version of this blog will be moving soon. Otherwise, until later today – HAPPY RENTING!


About drrent

Wausau, Wisconsin Landlord, past president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, Host of the Dr Rent Radio Show on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM, Wausau, WI
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One Response to Another Cold – Another Show – Another Day – Another Way

  1. John, I hope that after all of the times I was held hostage at city council meetings by a certain person who was never even warmed up in the first three minutes, they gave you enough time to voice your concerns. (That said, I see the proposal on the federal building passed 8-3.)

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