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So Many Ways to say Good-Bye

Another Thursday is upon us, where has the week gone? Rent payments are starting to trickle in, where has September gone? September? Where has the summer gone? Is it just me, or is this year flying? Maybe it is flying … Continue reading

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Old Dog… New Trick

Well, my next adventure in self-discovery started this weekend. Actually, it started some time ago. Let me explain… In school, I was the computer ueber-geek, which for the time was kind of a new thing. I first started playing with … Continue reading

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21 Days for the Deposit… but… 21 Days from When?

I did it again, an entire week went by without a blog entry. But, as always, I have really good excuses. This weekend I was out of town with meetings in Baraboo on Saturday and Waukesha on Sunday. My work … Continue reading

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Learning about Laws – Learning about Blight

Is it really Thursday already? Well, that means that I will be at the radio studio after work for another installment of the Dr. Rent Radio show, which can be heard Thursdays from 5 to 6 PM on 93.3 FM, … Continue reading

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Am I 41… or 14?

Here’s a good question of the day for you…. Am I the only one who still feels like a child? I don’t mean the child-inside stuff, playing with toys and childish behavior. I mean like you are a child surrounded … Continue reading

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Forclose on the Landord = Forclose on the Tenant?

I can’t believe it is Thursday already… having Monday being a holiday throws my entire week off. But I heard the garbage truck going down the hill this morning (actually I heard the dog barking at the garbage truck), so … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Consolodation

There was an article in Wednesday’s Daily Herald that appointed District 1 alderman Bill Nagle is proposing a metro-wide consolidation. That is a noble goal, an impossible one, but still worth talking about. From a big picture point of view, … Continue reading

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Fine the Landlord? Or… Fine the Tenant?

Can you tell it is the first week of the month? Last week I did three blog entries in a row in three days… and now we have gone a week since the last one. In addition to normal month … Continue reading

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