A few things I don't understand…

The newest front page article at Citizen Wausau discusses what I like to call YPS (pronounced “yipps”) – which stands for Young Professional Syndrome. I don’t understand YPS. But, then I realize there are a number of things I just don’t get.

Let us start with YPS. If you look at Weston, they are doing what they can to attract “Young Professionals.” So is Wausau, so is every other wanna-be metropolitan area. Why? What about 30-sometings, 40-somethings, empty-nesters… etc? Why don’t we care about these other groups of people and put the time and research into seeing what they want? Why can’t a community look at its strengths and play to them, instead of changing to try to bring in that same group that every other community is also fighting for (a fight that “real” metropolitan areas have a decided advantage in)?

Another thing I don’t understand as looking at all of the political signs on the side of the road. Why are positions such as the Clerk of Courts and the Sheriff elected? These are basically administrative management jobs. One would think you would want certain qualifications to hold these positions, however the only real qualification you need is the ability to get elected.

I am sure that some people could probably make good arguments for these to be elected positions instead of hired, staffing ones. However, I find it hard to believe that even people who support these being elected positions could justify a good reason for the positions to be partisan. Does it matter if the Clerk of Courts is a democrat or republican? Really? Should these highly administrative positions not be non-partisan like city council seats, mayors and judges?

Speaking of politics, I have a hard time understanding the passion. Don’t get me wrong, how this country, this state, this county, our cities are led is important. But take a look at the online discussions when it comes to political issues. Look at the ads, listen to the talk shows. The level of emotion that some people have, it gets down to the essence of their being. I have never been a fan of political apathy, but the zealots on both sides who are so devoted to their cause that they will not let the truth get in the way of some good talking points… I don’t understand how that is more helpful than it hurts the system.

Since I mentioned political apathy, there is another thing I don’t get. We get to vote. We get to decide who represents us. We get to decide what type of government we want. We have a choice. I will admit that far too often there really aren’t many good choices and you have to choose which option offends you the least – but it is still a choice. It simply amazes me how many people don’t choose to choose.

I don’t get the public’s fascination with certain people or topics that really don’t have anything to do with anything. Why do I care if Brett Farve is wearing green or purple or bubble wrap for that matter? Why do I care if Tiger Woods is still married or not? Why do I care if Lindsey Lohan went clubbing or not? I don’t care about any of those things. Most people I talk to really don’t care about most of those things. But someone must care, because they are on my TV, on my radio, in my paper.. etc.

I don’t understand quantum physics. Of course… who really does. (Though I have tried, really.)

Speaking of higher educational items, I don’t understand the need for every person to have a college degree. Twenty years ago, many jobs only required a high school diploma. Why do these same jobs require degrees now? They really don’t, but if you have a high school graduate and college graduate going after the same job, even though the college degree does nothing for the job, they just “seem” more qualified. So, now you have an expensive piece of paper and loans you have to pay to get the same job that you could have gotten a few years ago without the additional expense. Don’t misunderstand me, I think that the desire to learn and self-improvement says a lot about a person. However, I have no less than 4 degrees from some pretty good schools and to be honest, those pieces of paper didn’t do nearly as much to get me where I am as my work ethic has. I doubt that I will ever be as successful as my father, who has never had to look for a job, job offers come to him. Who is happy with his work and his life… who never made it past 9th grade.

I don’t understand how a nation that was created by immigrants is constantly wanting to close the doors. Time and time again, a large group immigrates here, and then wants to change the rules and make it harder for the next group. Right now, the immigration policies are focusing on Mexico and national security is a great talking point. But having those that are here now limit the ability for the next group of people to come is nothing new and has been going on for 3 or 4 centuries now.

Finally, I don’t understand how we are ever going to get “energy independent” when it seems like no matter which form of “green” energy you decide to use, it is not the right one. Water power causes too much harm to the environment. Biomass is going to kill us with air particles. Windmills are unsightly (or will cause problems with migrating birds who fly into them). No matter which form of energy we decide to pursue, each has its risks, each has its plusses and minuses. If there were some perfect method of generating energy without any downside, I am certain we would have figured it out already and would be using it almost exclusively by now.

Actually, I should not have said finally, because that seems to imply these are the only things that I don’t understand. There are many many things that I don’t understand… these are simply the ones I pondered during my last drive from home to the office.


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Wausau, Wisconsin Landlord, past president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, Host of the Dr Rent Radio Show on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM, Wausau, WI
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