My Disappointment with Woodchuck Playoff Ticket Policies


The Wisconsin Woodchucks put an exclamation point on the race to the play-off’s with a very convincing 6-0 win against the La Crosse Loggers on Monday. I missed the game because of a special meeting I was invited to. I had been asked to help draft the questions being posed to the gubernatorial candidates in their August 25 debate.

Eau Claire has home field advantage through the play-offs. The first game gets played there, the second game here, and then the tie-breaker (if needed) is back in Eau Claire again.

In a close-fought battle last night, an 8th inning clutch hit put the ‘Chucks 3rd run on the board, breaking a 2-2 tie. That was enough to hand Eau Claire a 3-2 defeat at home. So, tonight, the Woodchucks are at home, at Athletic Park. With last night’s win, they can seal the deal in front of their home town fans today and send Eau Claire home for the season while punching their ticket to the big show, the Northwoods League Championship series to be played Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

However, logistically the front office could have handled things a little better for this play-off game.

I am a season ticket holder. I have been for four years now or so. I fully understand that what I paid for those season tickets probably didn’t include the playoffs and I would need to purchase the tickets for the playoffs separate. However, the assumption that I did make (a WRONG assumption), is that season ticket holders would have first chance at their seats.

I emailed Woodchucks general manager Ryan yesterday asking how the season ticket thing works for the playoffs. I then spent from around 8:30 am to after 7 pm on the mower. I checked my phone for email messages – nothing. After not hearing anything, I called this morning at about 8:30 am before going to court, I got the answering machine, and left a message.

I was out of court about 9:15 and there was no response to my message yet, so I called again. I called only to learn that the reserved seating was opened up on a first-come, first-serve basis. I called only to learn that one of my three seats was already taken.

Excuse me?

I understand that maybe contacting the season ticket holders to see if they wanted their seats for the play-off game might have been a little bit of work…. I get that… but there was nothing posted on their website. And, I did send an email first thing Tuesday morning that was never answered. Had I known that I was going to lose the seats that I spent this entire season in, attending almost every game, I would have been down there to get them at 9 am on Tuesday.

I don’t have a problem with paying extra (beyond what I paid for the season tickets themselves) for the seats. I don’t have a problem with having to say very quickly whether or not I want them so they can be opened up to the general public. I do have a BIG problem with how this situation was being handled. And, I have talked to a few other season ticket holders (we see each other almost every day and you start to become friends with all those around you)… and my feelings on this are not isolated to me.

The playoffs did not sneak up on the Woodchuck’s management. Yes, we didn’t know we were in until we got that last win on Monday evening. However, we knew for a week or more that we had a good chance of making the playoffs and that would have been plenty of time to confirm with season ticket holders if they wanted to buy their seats for the play-offs, if they make it there.

I did manage to get seat D-7, where my butt has been for almost every game for the last few years. I also told the office staff that if we make it to the championship series, I want my seats for that.

Please, Woodchuck front office management, I have been a fan, I am a fan, I will continue to be a fan. Although many of those corporate sponsor seats are vacant most games, you know there are a core of 20-30 people in that gold section that are there every game, thick and thin, the wins the losses, the blistering heat and the rain delays. These are some of your biggest supporters and your strongest fans. We stick with you even when out of the play-off hunt, so please don’t forget about us when things are going well.

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Wausau, Wisconsin Landlord, past president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, Host of the Dr Rent Radio Show on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM, Wausau, WI
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