Mourning the Loss of a Friend and Family Member

Thursday morning is my normal blog post for the radio show, however to be 100% honest. Haven’t prep’ed the show yet, haven’t even started. I guess you will have to tune into tonight onto WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM from 5 to 6 PM to see what my topic is, I am not even sure yet.

The reason is that today is a sad day in the Rent household. Yesterday afternoon, one of our kids passed away.

In addition to Dr. & Mrs. Rent, we have 5 kids. Three of them I brought into the marriage; Captain (a Saint Bernard) and two cats, brother and sister, Bomber and Mini. Mrs. Rent then added her two kids to the family. The young and active Ginger, a ragdoll cat, and her long time “Little Angle”, Matty, a Persian/Himalayan mix. Yesterday Matty left us.

We are unsure of Matty’s age, but he did have a full life. Mrs. Rent had him for about 16 years, and he was anywhere from 1 to 4 years old when she got him.

Matty was one of those cats who broke the mold. Where as most people will fight with their cat to put a collar on them and putting a leash on the cat is pure torture, Matty would often go and find his leash and collar and drag them around the house, bringing them to you when he felt the desire to go outside. “No” was not often an option. We did screen the back patio this spring so that all of the cats could spend quality time out there with us.

I met Matty when Mrs. Rent still lived in Oklahoma. It was clear that it was his house, and anything you did would have to meet his approval. He had a love for ladders, and one of my first experiences with him was installing a ceiling fan. Matty quickly climbed the ladder and was there to supervise for the entire length of the project.


He was already quite old when Mrs. Rent moved up here to Wisconsin about 3 years ago, and her biggest concern was how he would handle the stress of the move. Actually, he handled it quite well. For the drive down, we made him and Ginger a large area in the Excursion and he seemed okay with the road trip. He quickly adjusted to his new surroundings. Going from a 1,500 square foot single-story ranch to a turn-of-the century multi-level farm house actually was good for him. It turns out doing steps really does help keep you in tip-top form.

Although always a little less social than the other three cats, he did form bonds with my two, Bomber and Mini.


However, there was something about Matty and that dog. They hated each other from day one when they met in Oklahoma, and that continued until the day he died. The dog could be asleep, minding his own business and Matty would hiss as he walked by. Matty could just be going from the kitchen to the stairs and the dog would just start barking his head off. However, Matty knew that Captain was not the brightest star in the sky and that Captain thought the baby gate leaning against the wall was a force-field. So Matty would just stare at the dog loosing his mind, wondering how long it would take the dog to figure out if he leaned on this gate, it would fall over.

Although a native of Oklahoma, Matty did adjust pretty well to Wisconsin winters. Of course on the coldest days, there is nothing better than to just stay inside and watch TV.


However, he seemed more than willing to partake in some of Wisconsin’s outdoor winter offerings.


As with any cat, one of Matty’s favorite hobbies was sleeping… whether it be inside,


Our, outside on the swing on the newly screened-in deck.


Matty had a great life and was a great companion. He will be missed dearly. The house just isn’t the same … one man down.

We brought him home and buried him in our side yard. He loved sitting in the window watching the bird feeders and the wildlife along the treeline… so we buried him between those two. We made sure that his collar and leash was with him, as well as his favorite toy, the metal frame of an old yo-yo with the string still attached.


Matthew Jones-Fischer
1993(ish) – 2010


About drrent

Wausau, Wisconsin Landlord, past president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, Host of the Dr Rent Radio Show on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM, Wausau, WI
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3 Responses to Mourning the Loss of a Friend and Family Member

  1. lois says:

    John, a moving tribute to a good friend. My thoughts are with you and Mrs. Rent.

  2. thedbc says:

    Sorry to hear John. RIP Matty.

  3. John — I am a little behind in catching up with my favorite blogs. I am very sorry to hear about Matty. Being an animal lover myself – with both a cat and dog – as my current babies, I truly understand the pain and anguish of losing a cherished pet.

    I wish you and your wife many pleasant memories of Matty. Your tribute to Matty brought my wife to tears.

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