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It's Getting Harder to Say No

It has been an interesting week with quite a bit going on. My 4th of July plans are coming together and the crew is pretty much confirmed for my fireworks show (I will be doing the show in Pell Lake, … Continue reading

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Wausau's Housing Task Force – After the Hearings…

Last night was the last of the three listening sessions for Wausau’s Housing Task Force. Now the real work begins. Later this week or early next week, there will be a very long blog post coming. I attended all three … Continue reading

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Court Cases and Listening Sessions

First of all, both Mrs. Rent and I would like to thank everyone for their comments, thoughts, and cards after the loss of Matty last week. It meant a great deal to both of us. I am trying to get … Continue reading

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Mourning the Loss of a Friend and Family Member

Thursday morning is my normal blog post for the radio show, however to be 100% honest. Haven’t prep’ed the show yet, haven’t even started. I guess you will have to tune into tonight onto WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM from 5 to … Continue reading

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But it Really ISN'T My Fault….

As the owner of a small, local business I fully understand that often your best (or worst) marketing is via word-of-mouth. I have said often that many times “Perception is Reality”. I also understand that at times, as a small, … Continue reading

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Wausau has a BIG, FAT "Woody" – Please send help!!

Okay… I will admit that I am not a big fan of change. Although it should be done a time or two just for fun, I normally see no reason to jump from a perfectly good airplane. It is no … Continue reading

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Have YOUR Voice Heard on Wausau's Housing Issues!!!!

As of 6:35 tonight, it is officially summer. For some, summer started with the Memorial Day weekend, for others, summer will start later this month based date and time of the solstice. But for me, summer starts in the 4th … Continue reading

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Turning Off the Water – Starting to Understand

Yesterday I attended a meeting of the Wausau Water Works Commission, it was the latest in one of my never-ending saga’s to help convince them that a shut-off policy is a worthwhile endeavor. For those who are unfamiliar with what … Continue reading

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