The Views and Opinions of this Post are Soley My Views (P.S. – No Radio Show)

I have a little bit of bad news for the fans of the Dr. Rent radio show. When you tune your radio to WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM at 5 PM tonight, it will not be my voice you hear. It will instead be our “loop.” My duties as president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association are taking me out of town this evening. But don’t worry, I will be back on the air next Thursday.

Although I have been president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association (WAA) since January, I am really now feeling the weight of the duties that this position holds. There is always something going on: a board meeting in January, Leadership Day last month, Legislative Day next week, and another board meeting in April. However, I figure if I make it through this week, I can make it through anything.

Saturday morning I was in Hudson, a small town on the Wisconsin side of the WI-MN border just before the Twin Cities meeting with a group of property owners discussing the future of their local apartment association. Monday evening after work it was off to Oshkosh where I addressed the Winnebago Apartment Association. Tuesday after work, the drive was a little shorter where I was a guest of Wisconsin Rapids’ local apartment association. I took the night off last night (although I could have easily made the drive to the Central Wisconsin Apartment Association meeting in Stevens Point, where my presence would have simply been as a member and not the invited feature speaker). Tonight, I am back on Highway 45 as I will be attending the meeting of the Fox Valley Apartment Association in Appleton. And of course, on Wednesday, the entire day will be spent at the Capitol Building in Madison with our state association’s Legislative Day activities.

Speaking of my increased roll within the Wisconsin Apartment Association, there is a minor issue of my online presence that has been brought to my attention that I should probably quickly address.

In addition to the WAA, I wear a number of hats. I of course own my company, HelpRent, Co. and manage another property management company here in town. I am the president of the WAA and an active member of the CWAA in Stevens Point. I am also a member of the National Apartment Association. Although no longer a member of our local group, the Wausau Area Apartment Association, I still discuss issues with them on a regular basis and at times am given the authorization to speak on their behalf. I am also a member of our local VFW Post 388. I am an active member, and one time program manager, of our little WNRB-LP radio station. I have participated in governmental committees, including Schofield’s Long-Term Planning Committee and most recently Weston’s Task Force creating their draft Chronic Nuisance Ordinance. My writing style and the popularity of my blog(s) has resulted in very active rolls in many local online forums. I was a former front-page contributor to the now-defunct WausauBlog, I am a front page contributor to Citizen Wausau, and was recently invited to participate as a reader-member of the Wausau Daily Herald editorial board.

Not only do I really stretch myself thin with all of these various organizations, my comments on-line can sometimes be very confusing to readers who know about all of these various hats that I wear. Was that comment or that article coming from John H. Fischer? Or, was that article actually written by someone representing the Wisconsin Apartment Association? When I write an article for the front page of Citizen Wausau, are my views in that piece the official stance of the Citizen Wausau ownership? When I talk about things going on in Weston, is that my voice or am I doing it as the Chair of the Task Force that I serve(d) on? When I comment on an article on the Daily Herald’s website, am I speaking for me, or am I speaking for the Editorial Board of which I am now a part of? When I testify at a public hearing, am I presenting my thoughts as an individual, or the thoughts of one of the corporate entities that I represent? When I talk about our little radio station, am I doing it as someone who hosts a show on it, or am I speaking on behalf of the radio station in where my leadership has been both formal and informal over its history?

During my radio show on Thursday evenings, at some point during the show I am required to say the following: “The views and opinions of this informational program are solely the views of Dr. Rent, they may not reflect the views of our management group (The Friends of WNRB-LP) or our owners (the Wausau Area Hmong Mutual Association).”

It would be silly to have a similar disclaimer for all of my blog posts, front page articles and forum comments… so instead I will say this:

When ever you read a comment, whether it be on Citizen Wausau, the Wausau Daily Herald, or any other online forum from me (and on some boards I use my real name of John H. Fischer, and on some boards I use my screen name of Dr. Rent), those statement are my PERSONAL opinions and views. They do not reflect the views of any other group that I am a part of or that I may speak for from time to time. If, in fact, I am speaking on behalf of one of these groups, I will sign the work/post as such. For example, if I make a post and sign it: John H. Fischer, President, Wisconsin Apartment Association; it is a safe assumption that I am speaking on behalf of that group.

I apologize if, in the past, any of my comments were associated with a group of which I am a part of simply because they came from me. I hope this clarifies the situation.

So.. again… no radio show tonight. But I will return next week, Thursday, 5 PM on 93.3 FM. Until then…. HAPPY RENTING!!!


About drrent

Wausau, Wisconsin Landlord, past president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, Host of the Dr Rent Radio Show on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM, Wausau, WI
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