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You are billing me $5,000 for WHAT????

It seems like lately, the number of bad days I have been having severely outnumber the number of good days. However, as president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, I get to speak with landlords all over the state and yesterday, … Continue reading

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Radio Show Reminder

Just a quick note to remind everyone that the Dr Rent Radio Show hits the airwaves at 5 PM this evening on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM. Normally on Thursday mornings, I post a preview of what tonight’s radio show will be … Continue reading

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Here is my Census Count – Now Leave Me Alone Already!

I get it… it’s 2010 and every ten years we have a census. I do get it. How much has been spent marketing this thing? There are the never ending television and radio ads. Then we finally got something in … Continue reading

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Landlords: Beware this Craigslist Scam

It’s Friday afternoon and instead of finishing up on some week-end reports, I am making sure that an online inquiry is legitimate, and it appears that it is not. Although we list our vacant properties for rent in a number … Continue reading

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Turning a "Home" into a "House"

Have you ever had the feeling you have spread yourself too thin? I think I live my life not only burning the candle at both ends, but also lighting it in the middle just for fun. I recently posted how … Continue reading

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The Views and Opinions of this Post are Soley My Views (P.S. – No Radio Show)

I have a little bit of bad news for the fans of the Dr. Rent radio show. When you tune your radio to WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM at 5 PM tonight, it will not be my voice you hear. It will … Continue reading

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Not a Fan of Gravity (a re-post)

NOTE: Three years ago this week, Dr. Rent didn’t have a regular blog. Instead, Dr. Rent was a contributing author on a Wausau-centered blog labled simply “WausauBlog.” After letting the dog out this morning and noticing that almost all of … Continue reading

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Are you a Chronic Problem?

It’s Thursday and my cold-medicated haze continues. There will be a Dr. Rent Show on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM at 5 PM tonight. After that, at 6:30 PM, I will be at UWMC giving my class on Evictions. Although I am … Continue reading

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I'm Too Busy for This S____

It started sometime on Sunday, and is probably a result of working on Saturday. I have a great deal of work to still do in the office to close out my 2009 fiscal year records, and weekends are the best … Continue reading

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