Cyndi Lauper, The Chipmunks, and Foreclosures

I know, I know… I like doing 2-3 blog posts a week, but it seems that recently, the only posts are my Thursday morning radio show preview posts. What can I say… it is a busy time of year. However, my taxes are almost ready for the accountant, and a large project I am doing in QuickBooks will hopefully be done this weekend. However, on with the show..

Something that I will be trying out this week for the first time, and I am inviting comments on is a new closing song. I am one of the original WNRB-LP show hosts from back in the NTC days, and the show originally started with the 30 second instrumental from BTO’s “Takin’ Care of Business”. While driving one day, I heard the song “The Old Apartment” by the Barenaked Ladies, and thought that was a PERFECT into song for the radio show and had been using it ever since. For a closing song, for a long time I have been using Cyndi Lauper’s “Money Changes Everything” because the word money in the title loosely ties in with a show about real estate. And, the song is almost exactly 5 minutes long. That means timing the end of my show is pretty easy.. I need to have things wrapped up by 5:55 on the nose and that during the time the song is playing, it allows for ample time for me to pack up my stuff in the studio and allow the next host to get in there and get situated.

However, musically, I have some pretty interesting tastes. I got an I-pod Nano for X-Mas and am about 75% through taking my CD’s and “importing” them onto the Nano. To go through the song lists to find everything from Tesla to Metallica to Air Supply to Springsteen to Rammstein to Ozzy to Alabama to Alan Parsons Project to the Moody Blues to … well.. you get the idea. The CD in the company car is actually the soundtrack for the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie (the one that came out last year, not “the Squeekual”). For the next few weeks, my closing song will be one of the songs off of this Alvin and the Chipmunks album… please let me know what you think about the change. (Let me know AFTER you have heard it… Dino… LOL.)

However, I am sure you don’t tune in for the intro and closing music. In between, we have some pretty good questions. If you manage property (instead of owning it), can you still represent the property (and property owner) in small claims court? If the lease says nothing about utilities, and the landlord sends the tenant a bill for the utilities, must the tenant pay? And, if the tenant pays, then what… must they keep paying from now on? If a tenant wants to get out of their lease, I have said there are clauses that can be in a lease that will make the whole thing void… what clauses will void a lease? Good Stuff!!!

The main topic will talk about foreclosures. Some new rules were passed in the last year or so that are designed to protect tenants and give tenants some rights when a landlord goes through a foreclosure action. We will go through those new rules and discuss what a tenant can do when they learn that the place they call home is being foreclosed on.

Last week we had another question on rent certificates. A landlord had a tenant who never paid the water bill, and the landlord ended up having to pay that. The tenant wanted a rent certificate filled out, and on Line 12, you list the services that the landlord provided, and that gets subtracted from the rent paid. The question was, since the landlord ended up providing the water utility because the tenant never paid, can the landlord list the cost of water on Line 12 and subtract it from rent paid for the rent certificate. The answer that I gave that landlord was no… because if you look at the instructions at the back of the rent certificate, utilities are an item that cannot be included on line 12. Nice try though.

The main show topic was my thoughts on the newest CCAP proposal, but I have written about that quite a bit, I am going to assume by now you all know where I stand.

So, that is a summary of last week’s show and a preview of what to expect tonight. Don’t forget to stay tuned in to the very end so that you can give me some feedback on what I am going to give a try out for my new closing song.

As a reminder, the Dr. Rent Radio Show can be heard Thursdays, from 5 to 6 PM at 93.3 FM in the greater Wausau area, and can be heard everywhere else on our internet live stream, which you can get to from

Until then.. HAPPY RENTING!


About drrent

Wausau, Wisconsin Landlord, past president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, Host of the Dr Rent Radio Show on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM, Wausau, WI
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