Addicted to Pink

Have you ever found television truly addictive? Yes, there are shows you don’t want to miss (for me, those include shows Greys Anatomy and Numbers), but there are some shows that you just don’t find interesting at all, but just can’t get away from.

Although our cable package has probably a 100 or more channels, I would be able to get by just fine if they offered a package with just a fraction of those. There are some shows on normal network television that I watch, which include the news on Channel 7, the two shows listed above, 2 ½ Men and Big Bang Theory Mondays on CBS, the NCIS shows Tuesdays, and Funniest Video’s on Sundays. Other than that, when channel surfing, I pretty much jump from Tru TV to Speed to History to Discovery to Military, and sometimes Game Show. If there is nothing on those channels, then it is time to actually find something productive to do away from the boob-tube.

A while back I was surfing and came across this reality show about repossessing cars on Tru TV. Mrs. Rent walked into the living room to see what I was watching. It was some kind of “marathon” of a show called “Operation Repo” and the marathon went on until like 1 AM. And we both stayed up and watch every episode because you couldn’t help not watching it. As a matter of fact, Mrs. Rent had called a couple of people to tell them to tune into this show, so we could all become addicted together. It has become one of those shows that when channel surfing, I will stop on.

Saturday night a similar event happened. There was really nothing on TV, NOTHING!!! However, when surfing through my small group of channels, on Speed was a show called Pinks. I know the show has been on for quite a while, 4 years or so maybe, and have surfed passed it before, but I have never been a fan of drag racing so I just kept on going.

However, I had already spent something like 12-14 hours working on Saturday, so I was in no mood to go “be productive” after finding nothing on TV. Pinks on Speed was the closest I could come to anything interesting so I stayed there for a while.

It was actually a Pinks marathon and after watching a couple of shows, I noticed that the show isn’t really about the racing, but about the negotiations, about the cat and mouse game of hiding what the car is really capable of in order to win the other person’s car. It is about lying and deceit and cheating without cheating – this is my kind of show!

Mrs. Rent came in to see what I was watching and was instantly hooked. She couldn’t understand why it would be fair to give someone a head start in a drag race because wasn’t the whole point to see who had the fastest car? Somehow, we both got hooked.

After working all day, at about 1 AM I finally went to bed. The next morning I slept in, I didn’t set the alarm and got up around 7:30 when the dog wanted out (normal wake up time for me is between 5:30 and 6 AM). It was then that I learned that Mrs. Rent truly got addicted to the show. It turns out, the marathon ran until 4 AM and she stayed up to watch every episode.

What made this show so addictive? Cars are really not her thing. She has no desire to drive my Corvette and doesn’t even really care for riding in it if the top is down. But here she was, watching cars race each other all night and into the morning.

I can’t help but wonder what is next – what will be the next reality-type show that keeps us up all night??


About drrent

Wausau, Wisconsin Landlord, past president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, Host of the Dr Rent Radio Show on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM, Wausau, WI
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One Response to Addicted to Pink

  1. saltpeter says:

    Interesting post Doc. You had me scared at first. I thought it was just another Tiger Woods commentary. Whew!

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