Never-Ending "Before Winter Gets Here" To Do List

It’s Monday. I like Mondays. I am one of those disturbed people that enjoys my job and enjoys the possibilities that Mondays bring.

However, I am spent – exhausted – tired. Where did my energy go?

As many people have, I have a list that seems to get longer every day of stuff that needs to get done “before the snow flies.” And, last week’s snow made the list fairly urgent. My to-do list of items includes:

Mowing apartment lawns one more time.
Mowing home lawn one more time.
Taking mower deck off tractor and putting on plow and tire chains
Taking brush guard off truck and putting on plow
Finishing the north 30’ of my workshop (as lumber/insulation in the way)
Store the boat for winter (above lumber needs to be moved first)
Winterize boat (this actually got done last week, gotta check that item off)
Pull the snowmobile out of storage
Take down Mrs. Rent’s gazebo on the back deck
Fix a landscaping issue by the front driveway I have been putting off since spring
Wash the convertible and put it away for the winter

I am sure there are more things, but that is all that is coming to me at the moment. The boat did get winterized and I picked that up Friday after work. It is ready to store for the year in the back shed, but the lumber and insulation for the shop is in the way so getting that shop done (at least the north 30’) has become my main mission in life. I worked on it until around midnight or so Friday.

Saturday I went to an auction and picked up a couple of cool things while only spending $22. That was done by noon and after a quick lunch, started back on the shed by 2 PM and again worked till past 11.

Sunday, the weather looked perfect for getting a little mowing taken care of. This week is when Weston comes by to pick up leaves and needles and things, and I have a large apartment complex with more than its fair share of leaf and needle producing trees. Having the curbside pick up saves me from filling up a 20’ trailer and then spending an hour unloading it at the yard waste site. So, it was important that lawn get mowed and last week really wasn’t conducive to mowing. I started yesterday around 10 AM, and by 3:30, was done. Then home to grab a quick bite to eat and work on the shed.

However, that is when my energy left me. My goal for the weekend was to finish the ceiling and maybe even the insulating of the walls. I had 12’ wide by 14’ long area left to go on the 13’ high ceiling when I started Friday evening. By the time I started on Sunday, the bottom was done, it was insulated, and I only had 3 sheets of OSB to put on the top of the rafters and then some minor trim pieces and the ceiling would be DONE.

My first time going up the ladder to get the measurements for cutting the next sheet is when I realized how exhausted I was. Coming down the ladder I actually missed the bottom two rungs so I knew I would need to pay attention. It was going to help that these last three pieces were not full 4×8 sheets, they would only be 6’ 6 ½” long, which would help a little bit with the weight, and with the balance point for pushing them up there.

Once that second sheet was screwed down, I so wanted to call it a night. But I was only 1 piece from being done. As much as I just wanted to sit down and relax, I knew I would hate myself for not getting that one last piece done. So… measure where the two cut outs were needed, down the ladder. Cut the sheet to length, cut out the two notches for beams it would go around, and then carry it to the wall. It took me two or three times to muster the strength to get that sheet up above my head. Then slide it up the wall, climb up the ladder until the sheet hit the ceiling, then one last push – it fell down like it should, and didn’t come back at me like two sheets had already done last week.

So, except for a few trim pieces, the ceiling is done… but… so am I. However, it’s a big week and I need to find my energy.

Tonight is a hearing at City Hall. Rob mis-quoted me a little bit in Sunday’s article, but not enough for me to make a big deal out of it. But, I have an issue with one of the three changes they are proposing to the housing code.

Wednesday afternoon I go to municipal court in Weston. We have a problem with a well-known local personality climbing into dumpsters and opening garbage bags to retrieve aluminum cans. Not only does this leave a mess around the dumpsters, my tenants worry about identity theft and invasion of privacy. It will be interesting to see what comes of that. Wednesday evening is week 3 of the Landlord-Tenant law class I teach at the UW, we will cover the “Ag Rules,” or ATCP 134. Thursday is the Dr. Rent show (I am sure that tonight’s hearing will be one of the show topics), and on Saturday I have been asked to help a friend move from LaCrosse to Rhinelander.

I have two bottles of Cherry Coke in front of me and I am hoping that somewhere inside


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Wausau, Wisconsin Landlord, past president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, Host of the Dr Rent Radio Show on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM, Wausau, WI
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