Wausau Housing Code Changes Coming???

Can you believe it is Thursday already? I know I can’t! Normally, on Thursday morning I do my Dr Rent Radio Show preview blog post, to let you know what to expect on tonight’s radio show and recap my last show. When I was grabbing something to eat over lunch, it hit me that today was Thursday, so sorry I am a little late with this show preview post.

We have a lot of great things to discuss tonight on 93.3 FM, WNRB-LP from 5-6 PM. (Of course, if you can’t get our massive 6 watt radio signal, you can also now tune in online by going to the website http://wausauhmong.org/WNRB.htm and following the link you find there).

First, we cover questions, and I have had a number of them come up in the last two weeks (there was no Dr Rent show because of the Wisconsin Apartment Association conference last week, and the hearing in Madison on the proposal to limit CCAP the week before that). The first question came from a tenant who has been notified that the property they live in is being foreclosed. Because of this, the landlord is only offering a month-to-month renewal. What rights does a tenant have when the landlord is being foreclosed?

The next question is more real estate sales in general instead of just a question on rentals, but since I am the only real estate type show on the station, we will cover it as well. There is a tax form that needs to be filled out by the closing agent and given to the seller when real estate is sold… that form is 1099-S. The question… is that form needed if the sale is done between two parties and no closing agent is used?

A big question I get, and one that I am not going to answer because I legally can’t, is how does a landlord decide how much rent they should charge. There are anti-trust laws from telling landlords what they should charge. What we can briefly discuss is different ways to try to determine what the rent should be.

A question that just came to me today was a person who applied for a rental and paid the deposit, but before they signed the lease, found a different place they liked better. The landlord who they paid that deposit to is not willing to refund the deposit – can they do that?

I also want to spend a little bit of the show talking about a public hearing coming up in Wausau next week. The Public Health and Safety Committee will have a public hearing on Monday, October 19th, 2009 at 5:15 PM in the Birch Room at City Hall on changes being proposed to “chapter 16.04 of the Wausau Municipal Code relating to the Housing Code.” During my lunch break, I stopped by City Hall to get a copy of the changes they want to make to the code. The person who handled this wasn’t in and wasn’t expected back until after 2, so hopefully I will have more information by the time I go to air.

In reviewing the committee meeting minutes from their September 21st meeting, at a minimum, some of the changes being proposed including not allowing unregistered or junk vehicles on a property unless they are in a garage. Currently, Wausau ordinance allows for one. The next change would establish a re-inspection fee. If an inspection is done, and when reinspected, the work has not been completed thereby requiring additional reinspections, there would be a fee for these additional reinpsections.

The one that has my attention, would be a requirement that property owners who are not located within Marathon County establish a “registered agent” within the county that can be contacted when there are issues with the property.

If time permits, although I did blog about the hearing on the CCAP bill, I will give you my thoughts on how that went. If there is any time left, we will continue the discussion we were having on the new lead-based paint renovation rules.

So, whether you are along time listener on the radio, or a new listener to our streaming broadcast – HAPPY RENTING!

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Wausau, Wisconsin Landlord, past president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, Host of the Dr Rent Radio Show on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM, Wausau, WI
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