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Sending the Deposit to the Right Person

It’s Thursday morning. That means that the garbage went out to the curb this morning. That means that last night was one of my classes at UWMC, that means that tonight is Grey’s on TV, and that means at 5 … Continue reading

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How the Real Estate Invesment Industry Found Me

Last night was another evening of therapy for me – the therapy that comes from leaving all of my work and other issues behind me, head out to the back shed, and play with power tools. There is never anything … Continue reading

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Can the Cause of a Problem be the Solution?

I start my Monday morning by checking out the Daily Herald’s website to see what wonderful things that I have missed over the weekend. The last few weekends have not really been weekends “off”, I think I work harder and … Continue reading

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On the Air and Week 2 of on the Web

It’s Thursday and time for another installment of the Dr Rent Radio show. It has been an eventful week with Monday evening being the public hearing on the proposal being fielded in the City of Wausau to make it a … Continue reading

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Never-Ending "Before Winter Gets Here" To Do List

It’s Monday. I like Mondays. I am one of those disturbed people that enjoys my job and enjoys the possibilities that Mondays bring. However, I am spent – exhausted – tired. Where did my energy go? As many people have, … Continue reading

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Wausau Housing Code Changes Coming???

Can you believe it is Thursday already? I know I can’t! Normally, on Thursday morning I do my Dr Rent Radio Show preview blog post, to let you know what to expect on tonight’s radio show and recap my last … Continue reading

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Streaming Again! – Dr Rent goes Global!

Once upon a time, the little radio station that prompted me to create “Dr. Rent” was owned and hosted by Northcentral Technical College (NTC). Because of the resources available to us, not only were we broadcasting at all of 6 … Continue reading

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