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A Question of Trust

Trust. I have issues with trusting people. There, I admitted it. Does it stem from my military career working in intelligence where trust can get you killed? Or did I do very well within the intelligence field because I had … Continue reading

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How to Freak Out the Neighbor

It’s about 7:20 PM on Monday evening and I should be preparing two new leases for tomorrow morning and also getting an eviction action ready to go… but this is one of those days that after working for well over … Continue reading

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Winter is Coming, But Can I Move?

Although my Eviction class was fairly small at UWMC last night (four people had signed up and paid for the class, but only three showed up), I think it went fairly well. The only two minor problems were that this … Continue reading

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Improving Housing by Sharing Information

I had stated in an earlier blog post that I really know when school is back in session because Dr. Rent finds himself in the classroom quite a bit. In addition to the impromptu speaking engagement, I volunteer for Junior … Continue reading

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Pro's & Con's of Weston's Proposed Chronic Nuisance Law

Wow, what an eventful week! On Tuesday in Sun Prairie there was a meeting of Apartment Associations. There are three large apartment associations in the state and we don’t always agree on things and worse, we have issues in communicating … Continue reading

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Test Post #2

had this been an actual post, you might have found it interesting

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Lead-Based Paint: Changing the Rules AGAIN

Most people are fairly happy about the 4-day work week this week. However, being the “glass half empty” guy that I tend to be, I am not one of them. This weekend, I actually did take the weekend off. Saturday … Continue reading

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