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How Much Rent to Charge if a Rent-to-Own

It’s Thursday! And that means a couple of things. For me, it means that I need to get the garbage can out the road before I leave for work in the morning. It means that the weekend is getting really … Continue reading

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I must follow the law, not understand it…

I knew when I sent the letters out just over a week ago that it would result in losing a tenant or two, and I was right. The letter I sent was to all tenants who live in upper rental … Continue reading

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Didn't You Just Raise My Rent Last Month??

This morning for the first time that I can remember, I was awoken by Mrs. Rent’s alarm. My alarm normally goes off at 6:00 AM, and I am actually normally awake 5-10 minutes before it goes off. However, I got … Continue reading

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The Wausau City Meeting that Wasn't

Last week Tuesday was a history-making City Council meeting. With a number of controversial items on the agenda ranging from the 400 Block to a large lawsuit settlement to an emotionally debated rezoning request to changing the city’s garbage hauler, … Continue reading

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If you Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em

I have been doing this landlord thing since May 1993. Since that time, there is something that I have been against… no… STRONGLY against. Rent concessions. I have always been of the belief that offering new move-in incentives like a … Continue reading

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Garage Sales and Checks – Not a Good Combination

There are two things in life that cannot be denied. First that bad things can happen to good people. Second, that although it is good to learn from your mistakes, it is often better to learn from someone elses. I … Continue reading

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Parking Even on an Odd Day

Well, after a very stressful first week of the month followed by a weekend where I think I spent something like 16 hours in the office working, I finally took a little bit of time for myself. Last night I … Continue reading

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What Happened at City Hall???

If you read some of my comments on the 400 Block article in the Wausau Daily Herald yesterday, you know that I had plans to go to last night’s city council meeting primarily for the entertainment value. Actually, there was … Continue reading

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It's Not MY Water Bill!

I had gone for nearly a month without mowing, but the recent rains made mowing (and more importantly weed-whacking) no longer an option. So, that is what Dr Rent was doing yesterday… from about 9:30 AM to nearly 8:00 PM … Continue reading

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Local Customer Service: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

In the last week, I have had two issues come up and since Mrs. Rent had a little more time than I did, she handled them for me. In one, the end result is an example of what customer service … Continue reading

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