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Charging for CCAP?

It’s Thursday, and since the A/C in our office hasn’t been able to keep up in the afternoon the last few days, I am actually looking forward to the constant 80 degree temperatures in the WNRB-LP studio. Before getting into … Continue reading

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Visualize the Cure!

Anyone who has been a long-time reader of my blog already knows the irony behind the “Dr” in the Dr Rent screen name. Afterall, I am not a big fan of doctors, and make every effort to avoid them. Although … Continue reading

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Not the Only Blog Out There

Well it’s Thursday and I am awake! Tuesday and part of Wednesday were spent mowing – AGAIN, and then this Wednesday was the WCC meeting in Waukesha, I got back from that about 1 AM. Then we had a few … Continue reading

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Leases and Cash, Carpets and Move Outs

It’s Thursday, that means that later this evening, Dr. Rent will leave these online forum boards and hit the airwaves. The Dr Rent Show can be found at 93.3 FM, WNRB-LP at 5 PM. I do apologize that last week … Continue reading

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HEY!!! That's MY Dead Sheep!

On a different website forum board where I have been known to hang out from time to time, there was a question about navigational skills (or lack thereof) and how lost you ever were. It reminded me back of my … Continue reading

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Is Last Week Over Yet?

As you probably noticed, my comments on the various forum boards that I contribute to were pretty much few and far between last week. The first week of the month is always a hectic time for me… but last week … Continue reading

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Sorry, No Radio Show Tonight

Just a reminder, no Dr Rent show this week! Back in April, I had moved the show from Wednesday to Thursday because way to many things happen on Wednesday nights. As a matter of fact, I had missed three shows … Continue reading

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