Asleep at the Mic

It’s Thursday, and that means its time for another installment of the Dr. Rent show. We moved from Wednesday to Thursday starting this month. The reason is that it seems that Wednesday is a busy night for me. There was always the occasional conflict where I had to decide the show or the other obligation. Most of the time, I decided the show would come first. But then three weeks in a row, things came up that took priority where I decided it was time to go to a different night.

One of the things that is on Wednesdays that I never got to attend because of the show was the meetings of the Wisconsin Corvette Club down at the Machine Shed in Waukesha. Last night I decided to attend one.

The meeting started at 8 (or so I thought) but we also had a vet appointment for our 4 cats for their annual check ups at 4:30. I was able to leave the vet in Mosinee by 5:20. Mrs. Rent took the clan back home while I bent a speed limit or two in my 50th Anniversary convertible to get to the meeting on time, which I did.. I walked in a couple minutes to 8.

Apparently, the meeting does start at 8 but I guess you need to get there much earlier. The table where you sign in was not manned and only scraps of paper and other debris where there along with a sign up sheet for some kind of waiver. The entire group (about 65 or 70 people) were already seated at all of their tables and it looked like most of them already had their dinner and the tables were in the process of getting cleared. The meeting commenced with the normal reports that meetings have. A couple of people spoke about upcoming events such as a club picture this Saturday, participation in a Memorial Day parade, a car show at the Machine Shed in June, a trap shooting outing for the guys and a day spa outing for the gals, and some racing events coming up. It all went by pretty fast and some sheets were passed around for sign up for certain things. The entire meeting was done around 9 and by 9:20 I was on the road back north. Six hours of total driving for a one hour meeting, getting there late I really didn’t get a chance to meet any of the group members. And with stops for gas and food, it was nearly 2 AM before I got to bed this morning. I am starting to think that for me… membership in the club probably isn’t going to include much participation.

So, now you are warned, if I fall asleep while on the mic of the Dr Rent show tonight (5-6 PM, WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM), you know why.

If I manage to stay awake, I have covered all of the questions that had backlogged during my three week furlough in March. However, some new questions have come up this week that deserve some air time.

– If a tenant requests a list of damages charged against the previous tenant’s deposit, how long does the landlord have to answer that request?
– Does that request for the list of damages have to be in writing?
– Water heater works intermittently, what are possible courses of action?
– If a lease for a residential property is through a housing agency instead of with the actual occupant, does that matter?

As for the main show topic, I am going to start my Top Ten List of Mistakes to Avoid. This is a class that I originally put together for the Central Wisconsin Apartment Association in Stevens Point, and the Wisconsin Apartment Association has asked that I present this class as part of their Annual Trade Show and Conference this October. I doubt that I will get through the entire Top Ten list tonight.

Andrew Schmidt is a friend of mine who is an attorney here in Wausau who handles a lot of landlord-tenant issues. If I get a question that stumps me, I will normally have people contact him. In his classes, one of the things that he covers is that often the bad things that happen to landlords develop because of things that landlords do to themselves. In looking back at the years I have of helping landlords, I made a list of the ten most common things that landlords do to themselves. I bounced this list of off Andrew and two of my items were combined into one larger item, and a new item from him was added. The goal of this class is to educate on the 10 most common things that I see that landlords do that cause problems for themselves. These are not the only 10 things, but if you avoid these 10, you will go a long way to being more successful.

So… what items are on this Top Ten list? Guess you will have to tune in to find out. Until this evening… HAPPY RENTING!

About drrent

Wausau, Wisconsin Landlord, past president of the Wisconsin Apartment Association, Host of the Dr Rent Radio Show on WNRB-LP, 93.3 FM, Wausau, WI
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  1. Dino Corvino says:

    You need to take photos of said car and the like.

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