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RENT SMART for RENTERS – Coming Soon!

The Marathon County UW-Extension, together with Attorney Andrew Schmidt and the Wausau In-House Network (WIN) will again be offering their “Rent Smart for Renters” program. When I do landlord-tenant training, it can cost up to a couple of hundred dollars, … Continue reading

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You Won't Miss Much – I Promise

It is Wednesday and we have been blessed with another Wednesday snowfall. As has been the case a couple of times this season, after spending a good part of the day pushing the snow around, I normally need to get … Continue reading

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I Just Thought You Should Know…

I know that I probably complain about my chosen profession more than anything else on this blog, but when you really think about it, don’t we all? However, every now and then you have those moments. Moments you can look … Continue reading

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A Local Stimulus Package

Last night, I made it home in time to catch one of my favorite shows, Big Bang Theory (a show about the lives of a couple of uber-geeks – reminds me of my youth), when instead I was treated to … Continue reading

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Not Enough Time – Not Enough Topics

What is supposed to be the slow time of year for residential rentals always seems to be the worst time of year for me. The reason is the dreaded year end accounting. I do not do my own taxes, however … Continue reading

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