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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Tomorrow is another installment of the Dr Rent Show on 93.3 FM, WNRB-LP here in the Wausau area. My topic of the day will be discussing two new legislative proposals I learned about this weekend. I have only gotten a … Continue reading

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An Amicus Brief

It was a very productive weekend for Dr. Rent. Saturday morning was spent finalizing the information I need to get my 1099’s out by the end of the month. There are still 5 W-9’s forms that I am waiting for, … Continue reading

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The Criminal Next Door (Unabridged)

Tonight’s topic on the Dr Rent show (5 PM on 93.3 FM, WNRB-LP) will be the Lead Based Paint “Superfund” bill that I talked about on a previous blog post. Also, that last question I had mentioned in that blog … Continue reading

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Don't Miss this Radio Show!

It has been a long time off the air, this has been my longest break since the year long break during the time the ownership of WNRB-LP was changing from NTC (who pulled the plug as a budget cutting measure) … Continue reading

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Rule of Life #2

I always joke about my three favorite rules of life, the “Gospel According to John” a good friend of mine once labeled them. My No. 2 rule is “Lack of Planning on Your Part Does not Necessarily Constitute an Emergency … Continue reading

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