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Let Me Up That Hill!

Someone wasn’t thinking when they placed the Wausau speed trailer about a week ago. It is currently on Franklin Street, the eastbound side (going up the hill) where Franklin and 14th Street meet. This placement is an accident waiting to … Continue reading

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The Turkey – AFTER the meal

As an avid reader of my posts, you probably know that one of my most cited laws is the “Law of Unintended Consequences.” A strong number two rule, as learned by those at the WDH Forum Meet at Sam’s Pizza … Continue reading

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Stratford's 7th Gold Ball

I am sure every sportswriter in this part of the state has written something about yesterday’s game between long time rivals Stratford and Edgar, but here is how my trip to Camp Randall went. As I was driving down Regent … Continue reading

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BID's and Tigers and Posters – OH MY!

It is definitely going to be an exciting day on Thursday. The day starts with a city meeting. I believe the Business Improvement District board meets at 8 AM. I say I believe that is when they meet because the … Continue reading

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Cure Worse than the Disease

So… a 700 Billion dollar simulus package goes through, and it turns out banks are hoarding the money, not using it to get “credit flowing again” and there is talk of large employee bonuses, but that is coming from “other … Continue reading

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Knowing When to Give Up

Sometimes you just have to know when you are beat. When it comes to collecting past due accounts, I am actually better than most and have a success rate around 65%. (Many landlords would be happy with a 25% collection … Continue reading

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A New Twist on the Nigerian Internet Scam

Internet scams are getting much more creative. I am sure we are all aware of the Nigerian bank scam where they are looking to give someone a percentage of a large sum of money to basically launder it. A friend … Continue reading

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Not a New Home, Just Another One

I have had the Dr Rent blog on the Wausau Daily Herald Website for some time… but decided would have a blog here at Citizen Wausau as well. Most of the blog entries will be updated entries of those done … Continue reading

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